image of Alvaro Ugalde climbing hill

Alvaro Ugalde Eco-Loan Seed Fund

To honor Alvaro’s vision and to continue his conservation legacy, Nectandra Institute has set up the Alvaro Ugalde Eco-Loan Seed Fund—a revolving capital loan fund. The money raised will be loaned (interest-free) to other local non-profit organizations, to start their very own eco-loan programs, or to participate in Nectandra Institute’s current loan program. This way, we can expand Nectandra Institute’s conservation objectives to watersheds that are geographically distant from our current target area of the Balsa River Watershed. It will also amplify our reach and impact without increasing the size of the Nectandra organization.

Since 2007, Nectandra Institute’s Eco-Loan Program has proven to be very effective in promoting forest regeneration and conservation education. It is enthusiastically accepted by our partner communities (more than 30 to date), as indicated by their perfect record of repayments. We would like to encourage other organizations to launch similar eco-loan programs by providing seed loans. Hopefully, the Alvaro Ugalde Eco-Loan Seed Fund will trigger an exponential cascade of forest restoration, education and conservation programs elsewhere in Costa Rica.

Two private donors have pledged separate matches to any donations made to The Alvaro Ugalde Eco-Loan Seed Fund, up to $25,000, thereby tripling the value of any contributions. Donations from U.S. and Canadian contributors are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

To contribute to this new fund, visit our donation page here. Please specify that your donation is for the Alvaro Ugalde Eco-Loan Seed Fund

Click here to learn more about Nectandra Institute’s Eco-Loan Program.

image of Alvaro Ugalde by a waterfall