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Our Work


The existing governmental initiative “Paso de Las Nubes Biological Corridor” spans between Alberto Manuel Brenes Biological Preserve and the Juan Castro Blanco “Water” National Park. This biological corridor, in the shape of a shallow letter “C” coincides with the “crown”, or the highest part of the San Carlos River watershed. The middle of this proposed biological corridor has been largely deforested. Official biological corridor status for Paso de Las Nubes would mean strengthened legal protection for its fauna and flora but does not involve habitat restoration.

Nectandra Institute sees an opportunity to combine watershed ecology with the biological corridor unto integral working units, to effectively protect not only flora and fauna but also habitat by reforesting watershed land and groundwater recharge areas in order to protect freshwater sources.

Our role is that of a catalyst. Our strategy is to encourage not only community participation and stewardship in conservation and restoration on privately-owned properties, but also those of governmental agencies.

Nectandra Institute actively participates in regional and municipal planning commissions. We facilitate meetings and encourage collaboration among water management associations, community leaders, conservation organizations, large water users such as hydroelectric companies, and various government ministries concerned with environmental issues of the region.

San Carlos River watershed

San Carlos River watershed; the Paso de Las Nubes Biological Corridor would essentially consist of the upper Balsa River subwatershed (shaded purple) spanning between two protected areas.